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Program Management & Product Transfer

Product & Test Development

Maintenance & Repair

Product Technical & Sales Support

Logistic Support

Program Management & Product Transfer
Our dynamic and experienced team is able to work with the customer efficiently to manage and transfer the product/part from our customer smoothly. This is the critical and essential part that determines the success of the business, both for the customer and for us. The team will cover all aspects of the product, quality, engineering and operations of the product management and transfer. In addition the team will

- Localize the manufacturing process by establishing optimized flow

- Establish additional quality control and process where necessary

- Propose cost saving through the localization

Product & Test Development
Drawing from our experience, we are able to work with our Customer’s Product Designer and Development Team to enable the product to be manufacturable. Our team is able to

- Assist in the development of product so that it can be produced cost effectively

- Develop the Test Procedure and Fixture for Production Testing

- Support Product Testing and Approval in Asia

Maintenance & Repair
Utilizing our strong technical capability and having the manufacturing know-how of the product, we are able to further enhance our Customer’s competitiveness by being able to maintain and repair the products already in the field. By increasing our Customer’s competitiveness, we aim to benefit from the increase in business along with the increase in volume of the product we built.

Our advantage in supporting the Maintenance & Repairs are

- Our strong technical capability coupled with manufacturing know-how enables us identify problems in products quickly and remedy them accurately.

- Our strategic location in Asia, with easy access and infrastructure support in Asia enables us to reach our Customer’s customer quickly

- Availability of parts from our manufacturing line and our flexible operation enables a short turnaround for Repair and Maintenance

Product Technical & Sales Support

Our Total Solution concept to our Customer extends to supporting our Customer’s sales activities in Asia in the products we manufacture. This enables our Customer to focus on Product Marketing, reduces the cost and cover a different time zone. The services include

- Technical Support of the product in Asia, including Repair and Maintenance

- Sales Office support such as Order Fulfillment, direct shipment to the Customer’s customer




Logistic Support
Having the strategical advantage of being located in one of the busiest ports in the world with an excellent infrastructure, we are able to offer additional logistic related value-added services to our Customer:

- Support for direct shipment of the product we manufacture for our Customer

- Consolidation and Shipment of parts we manufacture together with other parts

- Managing and Maintaining Inventory of parts for the Asian market

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