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PCA Assembly

Manual Assembly & Test

Special Assembly


Final Product

PCA Assembly

SMT lines in Batam (Indonesia), Malaysia and Shanghai

Highlights of lines

- flexible for high mix and varying volume

- fine pitch for QFP and small component 0402

- micro BGA capable with full X-ray and BGA re-work

- class 100k clean room

- no clean flux capable and line is ready for lead free


Manual Assembly & Test

Supporting the product and PCA, manual assembly and test facility in Bintan (Indonesia).

Highlights of the setup

- able to setup quickly for high mix and varying volume

- cost competitive for the labor intensive assembly and test

- disciplined, hardworking and skilled workforce

- close proximity to HQ allow quick and efficient technical and quality support

- material procurement and control from HQ, Singapore


Special Assembly

Setup to compliment the Complete Product Built. Present 2 specialized lines, wire-bonding assembly and silicon gage trimming & separation assembly. Highlight of the capability in the specialized setup

- semi-terminated gold wire bond using modified semi-auto customized fixture

- 3D X-ray and AOI inspection for critical process and component

- chemical etching and tight process control



Testing of PCA and Product from ICT to Functional Testing capability. Highlight of the test capability

- ICT with HP, Genrad and Hibex, fixture development capable

- Functional Tester design, development and fabrication of Manual, Fully Automated GPIB based or Semi Automated

- Development of Product Test Methodology and Plan


Final Product

Complete turnkey product assembly and test. We are able to

- Complete assembly, test and package ready to ship to customer’s customer directly according to required process

- Develop process of final assembly, testing and packaging requirement

- Assist in direct shipment and coordination to customer’s customer

Aurora Technology Pte Ltd.