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Metal Machining, Casting, Extrusion and Stamping

Plastic Injection, Extrusion and Machining

Optical Component

Other Mechanical Component

Electronic Component Procurement

Product Transfer


Metal Machining, Casting, Extrusion and Stamping

In partnership with several good metal processing specialist, we are able to support mechanical parts customized to requirement.

Highlights of what we can offer

- Material used Aluminum, Zinc, Steel and Stainless Steel

- Accuracy of Machining up to 20 micron

- Various coating, include powder, silk screening and pad printing

- Various plating, include Zinc, Nickel Sulphamate, anodized & Chem Film Alodine

- Extrusion with tight spec and tolerance up to JIS standard, Special Class

- MicroExtrusion for automotive industry & others

- Progressive Punch, Deep Draw and precision stamping

- Thin and miniature stamped parts, ranging 0.1 to 3mm thickness

- Manage and Support Casting Tool Development

- Engineering service to recommend cost effective process of metal part for a given volume

Plastic Injection, Extrusion and Machining

Working with plastic molding, machining and extruding houses in Asia, we are able to meet the varying need and here is a brief highlight of what we can offer

- Standard Plastic material to specialized engineering material like glass filled Ryton 66 and Delrin

- Precision Tooling Design and Fabrication

- Molding and Assembly

- Double shot molding

- Thin wall tooling and molding

- Molding precision up to 5 micron on molded parts

- Manage and Support Injection Tool Development


Optical Component

In conjunction with Plastic Tooling, Molding and Coating house we are able to provide locally supplied parts used in the optical area, some the customized parts handled include

- Single & Multi Array Plastic lens for focusing (spherical & aspherical)

- Light-guide for single or multiple source design, development & manufacture

- Optical Coating on plastic and glass

- Co-develop tooling for optical plastic


Other Mechanical Component

We are able to work with supplier in supplying other component such as

- Die Cut of thin polymer, rubber or customized material

- Foam and Rubber based

- Metal injection molding


Electronic Component Procurement

Located in one of the world’s busiest area in electronic component movement, we are able to access and procure some of electronics parts, some of the service we can provide are

- Sourcing and Procurement, being part of the customer supply chain management

- Provide a quality screening for some of the parts


Product Transfer

A critical and essential part that will determine the success of the build of the product for both the customer and for us.
We are able to

- Assemble a team of experienced and dynamic team that is able to cover all aspect from the process to the quality of the product

- Transfer the build of the product quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to the customer’s line including working at the customer’s premises

- Advise, recommend and suggest process changes, test and control to improve the quality and/or reduce the cost


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